The Impact

Just ask yourself the following few questions:

Do you have total access to your data from anywhere with any device?

Do you know exactly what is happening on your network and how your data is being handled?

How would losing this data and information affect you and your business?

If the answer to all four of those questions was not yes, then you need to contact us today.

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syncedIT - Simple File Sharing for Complex Business Solutions

securedIT - Monitoring Your Network to Improve Business Effectiveness and Security

savedIT - Protecting Your Total Data Investment Before It's Too Late

About MAD Technology Solutions, LLC

MAD Technology Solutions, LLC is a managed services provider that specializes in data backup and recovery and has now expanded operations into a data access, security and protection. Founded by Michael A. Drawbaugh, an experienced small business owner himself, we understand the primary focus is that next to the customer, your data is the most valuable asset you maintain. Ensuring that you have total access and total protection of this data, without effort, is the value in our managed services. Just Get Backup will focus on your data so that you can focus on your business.

As a small business owner, Michael recognized the need for these types of services, as well as the need to have it managed for you.

By offering simple to use, yet totally secure online software and managed services together, as a single cost-effective offering, you are ensured that if your computer systems have the potential to come crashing down (and they do)...all you have to do is Just Get Backup.

For more information regarding Just Get Backup, please contact us for additional information.