The Impact

Just ask yourself the following few questions:

Do you have a centralized view of how your workstations and servers are used?

Do you know if unlicensed software is running in your network?

Would you like to improve your response time to security threats and network failures?

Do you keep track of and analyze the performance of your devices in order to plan your hardware's life cycle?

Do you know how your most sensitive data is being handled and how your employees are performing?

While nobody wants to be perceived as Big Brother, you need to remember one thing...
it is your business. Understanding and knowing what is happening within your environment is key to your overall success.

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syncedIT - Simple File Sharing for Complex Business Solutions

savedIT - Protecting Your Total Data Investment Before It's Too Late

securedIT - Monitoring Your Network to Improve Business Effectiveness and Security

Just Get Backup has partnered with Praetorian Guard. Praetorian Guard is flexible, robust, and easy to manage software for network administration, network monitoring, and user auditing. Designed to scale from the smallest single PC business to the largest Fortune 500 business with thousands of PCs Praetorian Guard will help you manage your network proactively and efficiently performing all the tasks your business needs to be secure from internal and external threats.

For more information regarding MAD Technology Solutions, LLC and our partnership with Praetorian Guard, please contact us for additional information.

securedIT - Client Benefits

The following are the benefits you will receive as part of the securedIT managed services:

User Auditing and Reporting

Gain insight into all aspects of users' actions on your network by centrally collecting and monitoring information from your PCs and servers. The User Auditing and Reporting module provides fast and easy reviewing of desktop screenshots, website, key log and application activity.

PC Hardware Inventory

Track unauthorized hardware in your network and perform network analysis by collecting, documenting and reporting your PC Hardware Inventory.

PC Software Inventory

Track unauthorized software in your network and improve your IT audit analysis by centrally monitoring and reporting your PC Software Inventory.

Syslog Server

Improve response time to network threats, simplify troubleshooting and ensure government compliance by viewing and analyzing syslog messages in real-time and receiving custom email alerts.

Event Log Monitoring and Auditing

Improve your desktop and network maintenance by centrally monitoring, searching and reporting Windows event logs and receiving custom email alerts.

Local User Security & Management

Enhance network security and ensure administrator rights compliance by centrally viewing and managing your local users and groups.

Active Directory Management

Centrally view and manage your Active Directory users and groups.

SQL Server Maintenance & Scripting

Improve the effectiveness of your SQL Server maintenance and facilitate your network administration by centrally managing your SQL Server Maintenance Plans.

Windows Command Line Scripting

Automate routine system administration tasks and improve network maintenance by centrally creating, scheduling and managing Windows command line scripts.

For more information regarding MAD Technology Solutions, LLC and our partnership with Praetorian Guard, please contact us for additional information.